"True knowledge emanates from a soul unencumbered by ego"
Lights of Conciousness reviews

“This book is a most wonderful modern presentation of the seamless connection between science, technology and spirituality. A magnificent tapestry that thrills whoever reflects upon its beauty and wholesomeness. Human destiny follows the arc of ascent in consciousness and those who yield to its power will taste the bliss of perfection irrespective of its appearance and impact in the outer sense. The human soul is the sacred presence that gives life to humanity whilst sparkling with the delight of divinity. That is the intended human destiny. Dr Adnan shares all of this generously with the reader.” 

— Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri, Author, Philosopher, Historian

“Prophets, mystics, scientists, philosophers have all participated in the effort to explicate the imperceptible, while knowing  the futility of such an effort. In Lights of Consciousness, Adnani  brings the perspectives of science into the equation and demonstrates that in spite of its own pretensions, science is merely another agent- albeit a very potent one- in the quest to find or impose certainty on structural ambiguity. In the final analysis, the insights of mystics and quantum scientists, of metaphysicians and prophets, all blend into a universal demand for access to the Truth- while fully conscious of the fact that access to the Truth is a chimerical construct to eternally hide Truth from  manifestations of Itself.”

Dr. Ali Allawi, author of The Crisis of Islamic Civilization, The Occupation of Iraq and Faisal I of Iraq