1. Lights of Consciousness: A Sufi view of Science & Spirituality
    Lights of Consciousness aims to show that scientific and spiritual quests are one and the same. The search for truth, the truth of our existence, is one in which consciousness is its essential reality that drives and unifies all, at every level of existence, seen and unseen. Views from the foundations of science, philosophy and spirituality are presented. Adnani highlights the key discoveries that lead to paradigm shifts in our evolution of consciousness, and how these shifts have brought us closer to the nature of reality that must exist at every level from the simple to the complex, and the inanimate to the sentient. It is the absolute certainty of our existence. The nature of reality is presented as a series of models or views that are more meditations on the self, rooted in the science of consciousness, since any description of reality can only be communicated in a limited fashion through words.
  2. Sacred Alchemy: A selection of illuminating verses from the Qur'an
    “And We send down of the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe …” – Quran, 17:82 ‘The alchemical effect of the Qur’an, the deep transformative impact it has upon the human soul, is such that even its most ardent of opponents have been profoundly affected by it. The pouring of the Qur’an’s healing verses over spiritual wounds, and allowing it to work its miracle is what led to this compilation. The Qur'an is the ultimate reference guide in revealing hidden and manifest truths, but to approach this sacred text with the correct courtesy and to be granted its secrets requires an open and sincere heart, a clear mind and a courage to face Reality and the truth of one's present state. This collection of Qur’anic verses represent key verses to imbibe and meditate upon in your alchemical spiritual journey.’